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1Do I need to order different sizes for each member of my family?
The Attack Alert comes with a one size fits all band that adjusts to any wrist size.
2Do I have to buy batteries and how do I change them?
The Attack Alert comes with a rechargeable battery. You never have to buy or change batteries. A charger and cord come with each Attack Alert box.
3How long does the Siren and LED lights stay on for?
The High Pitch Siren and LED lights stay on for a total of 70 minutes on a full charge. It is broken down to 7 segments of 10 minutes each.
4How long does the Strobe Light and Flashlight last?
The pulsating Strobe Light last for one hour and 40 minutes on a full charge. The flashlight for one full hour.
5Should I charge my Attack Alert daily?
We recommend that you charge the product daily, as one would do with a cell phone, to maintain a full charge.
6How will I know when the battery is getting low?
The red indicator light will come on to let you know the power is getting low and will stay on until a full charge is reached, as which time the red light will change to green.
7Is it legal to wear the Attack Alert?
Yes, absolutely. The Attack Alert is a multi-functional defensive safety device that allows you to be seen, heard and recognized in the event of danger or approaching danger. It causes no harm to either you or the other person.
8Why should I wear The Attack Alert when I carry mace or other forms of self-defense?
The Attack Alert was created to supplement all other forms of self-defense, allowing you another shield or layer of security. It's goal is to make those around you aware that you are in danger, startle the approaching attacker, with the idea of allowing you time to escape and get away. It cannot be knocked out of your hand and can be activated under any circumstance.
9I have an application on my cell phone to call 911 in case of an emergency. Why do I need The Attack Alert?
The Attack Alert was designed to compliment any other safety/security device/program one may have on their person. However, it's purpose is to allow that person the opportunity to be seen, heard and recognized prior to and even during an attack. Keep in mind a surprise attack on your person may not give you the chance to find your cell phone and look for and activate the 911 app. Your cell phone must also be near a tower to work and it, of course, can be knocked out of your hand or taken from you, this rendering this application ineffective. Law Enforcement tells us that it takes 5-7 minutes for a response as a result of a 911 call. In that short amount of time, the person making the call is already under attack or has been attacked or robbed, with the assailant already gone. The Attack Alert is to be activated prior to any such action.


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